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Took sofosbuvir, peginterferon and ribavirin during 12 weeks. Indications of liver enzymes were normal. Six months later, I passed the tests - the virus was not detected. Experienced minor side effects such as tiredness and fatigue. But I apply maximum precautions not to catch this disease again.


Four weeks after the complex treatment with a help of drugs ribavirin and sofosbuvir and the virus disappeared. It was the second genotype. I hope that there will be no relapse.


Hello! I wanted to order a medicine but doubted for a long time. I read a lot of reviews on many sites before ordering, not to get deceived. Then I dared. Payment has passed without any problems, they sent me the tracking number. And I was cured without any problems! Order here and do not worry!


I write for people like myself, all in doubts. Ordered Sofovir, contacted with customer support, got the tracking for the parcel. On February 7th the order left India, on February 16, in the afternoon a courier brought my pills. In 2 days I'm visiting my physician with a drug, to know everything about the intake and in a half a year I'll say GOODBYE TO HEPATITIS. Good luck to all! Wish you to get minus on a test.


Many thanks to this company's employees))) I bought generic sovaldi as a substitute to brand, which costs so much that I can't afford it. Do not hesitate to order this medication, on this site, they have the lowest price for a high quality product. EMS is very fast. Delivery to the UK took only 8 days!


Many thanks to all the staff. Very attentive to the customer. My first parcel was stopped at the customs, these guys sent me another package instead, very quickly, without waiting for the reply from mail service. Quickly and carefully answered all my questions. I am glad that I used the services of this company. They seem to have a great experience with customers like me).


Thank you very much for your work. I've ordered this generic drug, seemed to be one of the first customers, but nevertheless, support works around the clock, parcel was monitored without problems. Hey-hey! And guess what! Now I'm cured! Good luck to everyone! Wish you all have the same result!


Jeg har modtaget min ordre. Jeg fik ordren hurtigt desuden .. Jeg er meget imponeret over leveringstiden.

Hideki To

ご支援いただきありがとうございます、私は私の注文を受けたと私はそれの本当にうれしい、これは私にとって本当に便利です。 宜しくお願いします。


πακέτο μου ήρθε σήμερα. ευχαριστεί


Questo è per farvi sapere che ho ricevuto l'ordine di oggi. E 'stato un piacere fare affari con voi.


Je vous remercie pour le travail bien coordonné, livraison rapide, et la réactivité! Ordonné le médicament, la livraison est venu en France en 18 jours compte tenu des vacances du Nouvel An. Il ne faut pas avoir peur! Ordre! Je recommande!


The tablets were delivered even before the term, thank you very much for good prices on Sovaldi. Despite my fears, worked quickly. Wish you to stay healthy!


Thank you for sofosbuvir, the parcel was delivered quickly and successfully.

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